Energy bills rebate

£150 Council Tax energy rebate

Applications for the £150 energy rebate scheme have now closed and those who were eligible but did not apply before the end of August have received the rebate directly to their Council Tax account

Discretionary Energy Rebate Scheme

Redbridge Council have received discretionary grant funding to support households which are in the greatest need because of the rising cost of energy bills.

The Council has worked with its partners including the Benefits Service to identify households in need of support within the borough.

Those identified will receive a voucher which they can exchange for cash at the Post Office. The money should be used to pay their energy bills.

Vouchers will be posted out from 7 November and will need to be cashed by 30 November.

Paying by Direct Debit

Redbridge has already paid the majority of households who were signed up to pay by Direct Debit in early April. If you have checked and you haven’t received the £150 and you think you should be eligible please email

Before you apply

Check you meet the qualifying criteria

  • Your property is in Council Tax bands A to D or your property is in band E and you receive disabled relief on 1 April 2022
  • Your property is your sole or main residence
  • You are responsible for the Council Tax payment for your whole household
  • You have not made a claim in respect of any other property in England

You won’t be eligible if

  • Your property is in Council Tax band E to H
  • Your property is empty
  • Your property is a second home
  • You are not responsible for the household Council Tax payment
  • Your property is a House in Multiple occupation where the owner is liable
  • You moved in after 1 April 2022

Check your Council Tax band

Your Council Tax band is shown on your Council Tax bill or you can check find your Council Tax band with GOV.UK. Simply enter your postcode using the online tool to find the band for your home.

How do I claim?

You do not need to apply for the rebate if you already pay by direct debit. In most cases, you would have received a credit into your account during April.

Information you need to claim the rebate:

  • Your Local authority reference number (Property Reference Number)
  • Council Tax account reference number as shown on your Council Tax Bill
  • Your date of birth, and national insurance number
  • Your bank sort code and account number, with a copy of the statement from the last three months that you can upload

Apply for the energy rebate

Once your application has been received, in the majority of cases payment will be received within 10 working days.

You still need to pay your Council Tax bill  

The energy rebate does not mean you don't need to pay your Council Tax bill - you must continue to pay your Council Tax bill by the amounts and on the dates shown on your bill.

If you are struggling to pay your Council Tax and need help you can find out more about how you may be able to get support.

Bogus callers - fraud awareness

There have been reports that thieves are contacting people by door step visits and phone calls offering to assist them in making a claim for the energy rebate.

Do not pass on bank details or personal information to anyone claiming to be from the Redbridge Council Tax team. Redbridge will only offer help when requested by the charge payer.

Still got a question around the energy bill rebate?

If your question hasn't been answered above please look at our frequently asked questions.