Support with energy bills

If you are falling behind with your energy bills and finding it difficult to pay, the best thing to do is contact your supplier as soon as possible.

Suppliers have many support options and will consider your individual circumstances. They may offer you:

  • A review of your payment plan
  • A debt repayment plan that is affordable for you
  • Payment breaks
  • Payment reductions
  • More time to pay

In addition, some energy providers have their own hardship funds and can offer help through various schemes and grants. Support can range from help with bill payments, replacing old or faulty boilers or how to make your home more energy efficient. If you are a customer of one the following suppliers, it is worth checking what help they can offer you. 

You will be expected to have spoken to a debt adviser such a MoneyHelperStepChange or National Debt Line before you apply for extra help. You may be asked to complete an income and expenditure form, provide evidence of your income and outline the circumstances that led to the arrears.

If you pay for your energy use through prepayment/pay-as-you-go meter and are struggling to top up, your supplier can help you, so it is important that you contact them.

Your supplier can:

  • Give you a small amount of credit. This will need to be paid back when you top up again
  • Give you Friendly Credit if you are running out of credit and the shops are closed so you are unable to top -up. This will need to be paid back when you top up again
  • Give you Additional Support Credit if you are considered ‘vulnerable’ and are at risk of being disconnected because you cannot afford to top up
  • Suppliers usually consider vulnerable customers as pensioners, have a disability or long-term medical condition

To check whether you qualify for additional help with your energy bills, visit the Cost of Living Payments webpage